Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and after a detailed investigation of the situation and an extended discussion with the SOC/LOC and other partners involved, we have to take the difficult but inevitable decision to postpone the conference.

The new date is November 1-6 2021. More information will follow in the coming weeks. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who have registered and paid the registration fee already, there are two options of your choice: 1) leave things as they are and we will take care of transferring your registration to 2021 (you will still be able to update your abstract once the registration reopens or submit a new one next year); 2) request a refund, in which case you will receive your money back but will have to go through the registration process next year again. Either way, please let us know which of the above two options you prefer by sending a message to iausleuven@kuleuven.be. For people who have registered but have not yet paid the registration fee, your registration will be cancelled, so please make sure to register for the meeting next year, should you still want to participate in it.

A proper understanding of stellar evolution and of the chemical make-up of the building blocks in the Universe near and far cannot be achieved without a detailed understanding of the wind physics during the late stages of stellar evolution as a function of the cosmic environment and hence metallicity. The goal of this IAU Symposium 366 is to propel our understanding of stellar wind physics across stellar mass by bringing together the scientific communities which often focus on either the low-mass or the massive stars. This cross-disciplinary approach will fuel new scientific ideas and insights and will facilitate for new collaborations to grow across communities.

Key topics of the conference include

  • Theory of stellar outflows: low mass & massive stars
  • Observing stellar outflows: low mass & massive stars
  • Numerical models for stellar outflows: low mass & massive stars
  • Binarity
  • Enrichment of the interstellar medium by stellar winds
  • Astrochemistry
  • Current and new observing facilities
  • Hot topics
  • Education
  • Outreach, Arts and STEAM